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European Innovation Council

Veronika Oudova

EIC Ambassador, EIC funding beneficiary

Veronika Oudova


CEO & Co-founder of S-Biomedic

Veronika graduated with a Master's degree in International Trade in Prague and also obtained a Master's degree within the CEMS programme, which took place in Prague, Vienna and Rotterdam. As co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of S-Biomedic, Veronika brings years of forward-thinking experience as an marketing consultant, business analyst and quality manager to her role at S-Biomedic. Under Veronika’s leadership, S-Biomedic has attracted the attention of several major investors and grant programs such as the EU’s Horizon 2020. In April of 2019, Veronika was named one of the “Top 10 Young European Biotech Entrepreneurs in 2019” by After years working in business and market research, Veronika has never been so excited about a project - one that has the potential to both disrupt the skincare industry and help millions of people.

Her company S-Biomedic brings novel solutions to the skin microbiome. It represents technology that works with nature to restore balance, starting with the smallest of ecosystems on our skin  - the skin microbiome.