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“Iniciativa social integral per al benestar, SLU” (Spain)

Iniciativa Social Integral, as well as a home care company, is a SME in Valencia (Spain) committed to social innovation in care, being aware that the resources available for care must be complemented with technology-based care to face a European society that is aging at a fast pace, and it does so based on its Corporate Social Responsibility and Person-Center. They to this award the activities carried out during the pandemic confinement situation in 2020.

Pivoting in the value chain, a traditional SME like this one, kept in operation a network of 525 homes for older people who lived alone in the city of Valencia, due to the fact that they were considered an essential service by the regional government. This allowed them to go to the homes and solve the incidents at a time when there was not enough information about COVID-19. In this way, both the caregivers and the caretakers could feel safer at a time when family members were no table to visit their loved ones, nor they were being able to leave home, because of the confinement. During the first wave of the virus, within the 160 activities they carried in the homes of older people participating in the use of this solution, none of them were infected.

They have collaborated in the definition of the Innovative Public Procurement early care map of the city of Valencia, where the technological solution for monitoring the elderly that we use, (MYSPHERA LOCS), was placed within the Covid’s 2020 Resilience Plan, in the city of Valencia. Approved by all the political parties, proposing to be increased from 500 to 5000 homes for older persons who live alone in our city.