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EIC Accelerator Challenge: Novel technologies for resilient agriculture - information day

We invite you to the EIC information day on the EIC Accelerator challenge on novel technologies for resilient agriculture.

The event tackled the EIC Accelerator challenge ‘Novel technologies for resilient agriculture’, targeting SMEs and start-ups that want to scale up their innovations.

This session introduced as well the EIC Proactive portfolio management, the experience of the ongoing Accelerator project, and the technical details of the application.

The webinar will be recorded and web streamed. 

For your information, the sessions did not provide information that has been provided at the General Info Day, for instance on how to submit proposals. For participants seeking this type of information, please watch the recording of the General Info day.

  • agricultural research | innovation
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  1. 31 Jan 2023,
    02:00 PM - 02:10 PM CET
    Opening, EIC proactive management

    Anne-Marie Sassen (EIC/EISMEA)

  2. 02:10 PM - 02:35 PM CET
    Novel technologies for resilient agriculture’ challenge

    Ivan Stefanic (EIC/EISMEA)

  3. 02:35 PM - 02:50 PM CET
    Experience of an EIC beneficiary

    Matija Zulj (EIC Ambassador)

  4. 02:50 PM - 03:25 PM CET
    Q & A session about the challenge and technical details

    Ivan Stefanic & Konstantinos Michos (EIC/EISMEA)

  5. 03:25 PM - 03:30 PM CET
    Closing remarks

    Anne-Marie Sassen (EIC/EISMEA) & Ivan Stefanic (EIC/EISMEA)


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