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EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Clean and efficient cooling - Information Day

We invite you to the EIC information day on the EIC Pathfinder "Clean and Efficient cooling" challenge.  

The session on the EIC Pathfinder challenge ‘Clean and efficient cooling’ is targeting research organisations, SMEs and start-ups, and companies that want to carry out potentially disruptive but risky research, starting from low technology readiness levels.

Future EIC Pathfinder applicants searching for project partners had the option to present themselves in a very short presentation.

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The sessions will not provide information already given at the General Info Day, for instance on how to submit proposals. For participants seeking this type of information, please watch the recording of the General Info day.


20 MARCH 2023
PPT - EIC Pathfinder Challenge - Clean and efficient cooling
(4.27 MB - PDF)


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  1. 15 Mar 2023,
    09:30 AM - 09:40 AM CET
    Welcome & Introduction

    Anne-Marie Sassen (EIC/EISMEA)

  2. 09:40 AM - 10:00 AM CET
    Challenge presentation

    Antonio Marco Pantaleo (EIC/EISMEA)

  3. 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CET
  4. 10:30 AM - 10:55 AM CET
    Pitch presentation
    1. Leon Stile – SolarICE
    2. Martin Buchholz – Watergy
    3. Virginie Ponsinet – METACOOL
    4. Lorenzo Pattelli from INRIM
    5. Alessandro Pastore – Camfridge
    6. Albert Castell – RCE project
    7. Gian-Marco Rignanese – Matgenix
    8. Ioannis Papakonstantinou – RadCool Fundamentals
    9. Lovisa Högberg – z.trusion® battery pack
    10. Paul Motzki – Elastocalorics
    11. Yair Suued – Sphere.
  5. 10:55 AM - 11:00 AM CET
    Closing remarks


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