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News article17 December 20211 min read

DT2 Invest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) - check the recordings

The DT2 Invest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course on AI and blockchain topicsĀ  sponsored by the European Commission and developed by the DT2 Invest consortium. Could you not join? No problem - the recordings are available now.

The course was developed in partnership with European champions representing different institutions and companies including, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Investment Fund (EIF), UNICEF, Hertie School, The World Food Programme (WFP), Sciences Po Paris, Kozminski University, SpeedInvest and Fabric Ventures.

The course contains a total of 19 videos, either in lecture or panel style, divided into 4 core modules and an outlook.

Go to the modules and check the videos

The lecturers covered core topics related to the development of AI and blockchain. They also focused on the funding dimension, the public policies and support measures to reduce the investment gap for deep tech startups.

The course provides:

  • A good overview of the strategic importance of these depth technologies at both the financial and societal level;
  • A grounded take on core concepts regarding the technologies itself, linked to the current market needs and developments;
  • A broader understanding of the overall strategy, existing support measures and instruments designed at a policy level to bring European innovation to the next level;
  • Awareness of the existing landmark initiatives, ecosystem builders, key players and actors involved in thriving innovation in AI and blockchain.


Publication date
17 December 2021