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European Innovation Council
News article21 February 20231 min read

The European Innovation Council launches Tech to Market Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme

Join the online info session on 15 March and learn how your organisation can grow with these services.

The European Innovation Council (EIC) kicks off the EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme to support EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition innovators in their transition from lab to market. With the complementary approaches of Entrepreneurship and Venture Building, the participants of this programme will be able to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and receive concrete support to help build a start-up.

Who can participate in the Tech2Market programme?

The EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme aims to provide EIC Pathfinder and Transition projects with the necessary expertise for the market exploitation of research results through training, advisory, and venture building services. The programme is targeted at innovative researchers as well as early-stage start-ups.

During the programme, external stakeholders will also join the activities to assess the venture building potential, act as mentors and experts, and will even have the opportunity of joining the ventures’ teams for coverage of knowledge gaps.

Two initiatives, same goal

To better serve the EIC beneficiaries, the programme is divided in two strands.

  • Tech to Market Entrepreneurship will deliver training and development courses, to help entrepreneurial researchers to acquire the critical knowledge for developing deep-tech based innovations and provide support for building a strong value proposition and a viable business model.
  • Tech to Market Venture Building will support, on a tailor-made approach and an agile way, the exploitation of promising research results to build new ventures. The EIC Venture Builder’s mission is to help building start-ups, including services ranging from the identification of promising business ideas to venture creation and development.

Join the info session

The best way to get introduced to the programme is by participating in the upcoming info session on 15 March 2023, 10.30 to 11.30 CET.

More information about the info session is available in EIC Tech to Market Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme – Info session’s event page.  


Need help? 

For additional information, please contact us through the EIC Community’s contact page  by choosing ‘EIC T2M Entrepreneurship & Venture Building Programme – Info session’. You can also visit the EIC Tech to Market Programme’s page to know more about our service offer.


Publication date
21 February 2023