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European Innovation Council

Neurotwin: technological breakthrough improving the lives of people suffering with epilepsy

Neuroelectrics, the coordinator startup company of the EIC Pathfinder project Neurotwin, has raised $17.5 million to fund clinical trials for a technological breakthrough that could improve the lives of people suffering with epilepsy.

Neuropsychiatric disorders are a leading cause of global disability-adjusted life years, and solutions are lacking. Can digital twins be useful? Recent findings suggest that non-invasive brain stimulation may be a valuable option in conditions such as epilepsy or Alzheimer's (AD). Personalised hybrid brain models uniting the physics of electromagnetism with physiology – neurotwins or NeTs – are poised to play a fundamental role in understanding and optimizing the effects of stimulation at the individual level.  With research at the intersecting frontier of nonlinear dynamics, network theory, biophysics, engineering, neuroscience, clinical research, and ethics, Neurotwin will deliver model-driven breakthroughs in basic and clinical neuroscience, with patients ultimately benefiting from safe, individualized therapy solutions.

The CEO of Neuroelectrics is Ana Maiques, co-founder of Starlab and FET coordinated project LUMINOUS and member of the EIC Board.