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European Innovation Council

Antonio Marco Pantaleo

Marco Pantaleo - EIC Programme Manager


EIC Programme Manager for energy systems and green technologies

He has twenty years of experience in multidisciplinary research projects in renewable and clean energy technologies (solar, wind, biomass, and hybrid), energy systems integration, biosystems engineering, energy use in agricultural engineering and food processing.

He holds a first degree in electric engineering from Politecnico of Bari and a PhD in process systems engineering from Imperial College London, where he is affiliated as research fellow to the Clean Energy Processes Lab (CEP) and Centre for Process Systems Engineering (CPSE) of the department of chemical engineering. He is an associate professor of clean energy technologies at the department of agro-environmental sciences of the University of Bari.

Before becoming professor, he co-founded an energy service company, worked for Edison Energie Speciali as wind and biomass energy engineer and for GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) in the strategic planning division. He also worked as scientific expert and consultant for public and private organisations, including the Italian Ministry of Research, and was vice-Rector for energy policy of University of Bari.

Antonio authored over hundred scientific papers, and he is member of IEA working group on energy storage, ASME technical committee on clean fuels, and is delegate for energy in the Italian Sustainable Universities network.

2022 events in the energy systems and green technologies portfolio

  1. 30 September
    International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology
  2. 12 September
    Conference of the Italian Thermo technical Association (ATI)
  3. 28 - 29 July
    Portfolio meetings (climate and environment portfolio)
  4. 21 July
    Workshop with the Italian Rectors Board (CRUI)
  5. 6 July
    Climate KIC
  6. 23 - 25 May
    2022 ARPA-E Summit
  7. 16 - 19 May
    Portfolio meetings (Energy storage)
  8. 9 - 12 May
    European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) 2022
  9. 4 April
    Opportunities and challenges from Europe’s flagship innovation programme - Politecnico di Torino, Torino (IT)
  10. 4 February
    Dubai Expo