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European Innovation Council

EIC Fund Equity Investments beneficiaries

Facts and figures - EIC Fund under Horizon Europe

approved investments
€574.7 million
budget of approved investments
signed deals

EIC blended finance under Horizon Europe

Under Horizon Europe, the EIC Fund has taken so far 77 investment decisions. They amount to a total equity investment of around €521 million.

13 companies signed their investment agreements.

The list of companies below does not show all the signed deals as the European Commission does not publish the investments until the company and other investors have given consent.

Company CountryShort description
Apix Analytics FranceThe first miniaturised universal gas analyser for all renewable gases.
Cailabs FranceInnovative photonics.
Ganymed Robotics FranceAdvanced AI and robotics technologies for orthopedics.
Ithera Medical GermanyThe next generation in biomedical imaging.
Lattice Médical FranceBreast self-reconstruction with patients' own tissue.
N2 APPLIED NorwayLocal production of fertiliser from liquid organic substrates.
Siléane FranceAutomation of human gestures
TILT Biotherapeutics Finland

Next generation oncolytic

Voiseed ItalyAI solution for the future of speech synthesis
1 MARCH 2023
Companies selected for EIC Blended Finance
(572.53 KB - PDF)

Companies selected for EIC blended finance under EIC pilot

The EIC Fund was launched under the pilot phase of the EIC to invest in the 159 companies selected under the EIC pilot Accelerator. 

The equity investments, ranging from €0.5 to €15 million per company, complement the grant financing of up to €2.5 million, which has already been provided through the EIC Accelerator.

19 MARCH 2021
EIC Fund - Companies selected for blended finance
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Facts and figures - EIC pilot

companies selected for blended finance
approved investments
€ 616 million
signed deals
rejected investments
pending decission

EIC Fund Equity Investments - signed deals

The list of companies below does not show all the signed deals as the European Commission does not publish the investments until the company and other investors have given consent.

All investments are preceded by a thorough evaluation by external experts, a due diligence process overseen by the EIC Fund Investment Committee, and a final decision by the EIC Fund Board of Directors.


CountryCompanyShort descriptionInvestment amountInvestment agreement signed on
FranceCorWave SACorWave will transform a very promising preclinical prototype into an industrial CE-marked medical device that patients, clinicians and payers are waiting for. € 15.000.00017 December 2020
FinlandFARON PHARMACEUTICALS OYFaron leading the way in macrophage guided immunotherapy€ 10.000.00015 February 2021
DenmarkNIL TECHNOLOGY APSNew Diffractive Optical Element Lenses and related industrial services€ 10.000.00010 February 2021
FranceKAROSRevolutionising suburban areas commuting services and offer a disruptive transportation service to commuters.€ 2.500.0001 March 2021
NetherlandsMagnitude Space B.V.The low-power global area network enabling affordable and ubiquitous connectivity for the Internet of Things€ 5.200.00025 March 2021
BelgiumTESSARES SAMobile Application for Hybrid Internet€ 1.400.0001 March 2021
SwedenGleechi ABVirtual Reality Training€  5.400.00019 March 2021
FranceNestwaveThe next generation of hybrid location technology and solutions for IoT€ 1.200.00029 March 2021
IcelandEpiEndoThe first-in-class disease-modifying drug for chronic airway disorders€ 2.700.00031 March 2021
FranceAntofénolA natural solution for post-harvest protection of fruit and vegetables€ 2.500.0004 May 2021
EstoniaLixeaSecond life of wood: BioFlex technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials€ 3.000.0006 May 2021
FranceDemetaDisruptive high-performance polymers€ 1.000.00021 April 2021
GermanySmart4Diagnostics GmbHThe world’s first “digital data-fingerprint” for human blood samples€ 5.050.00010 May 2021
PortugalOphiomicsHepatoPredict, A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature€ 1.000.00026 May 2021
GermanyKeyouEnvironmentally friendly combustion engines. € 5.700.004 March 2021
SwedenHandiscoverWorld’s first inclusive booking system that helps people with a disability€ 1.500.00019 May 2021
FranceXenotheraTreatment severe cases of Covid infection€ 10.000.00029 June 2021
GermanyAdvitos GmbHUnique therapy for patients with multi-organ failure€ 3.700.0002 July 2021
IsraelNanovationA breakthrough respiratory monitoring device incorporating novel nanotechnology-based sensors€ 5.000.0005 July 2021
SwitzerlandPositrigo AGCheaper and smaller brain scanner: NeuroLF€ 1.500.00015 July 2021
NorwayONiOWireless IoT technology to power multiple commercial solutions€ 1.000.00021 September 2021
SwedenCOLZYX ABThe first bioactive wound dressing - exploiting the unique wound healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI€ 1.000.00024 September 2021
BelgiumS-Biomedic N.V.Paradigm Change in Skin Health: Novel Microbiome-based Cosmetics for Acne and Other Skin Conditions€ 1.000.00029 September 2021
IrelandOneProjects Design Innovation LimitedDevelopment and clinical validation of novel smart device to provide real-time ablation + tissue analysis through advanced 4D imaging to enable >90% success rate in Atrial Fibrillation treatment€ 1.500.00014 October 2021
SwitzerlandSWISSDECODE SARLAutomate ISO-certified DNA screening platform to enhance the global food supply chain€ 1.000.00018 October 2021
SwitzerlandSEERVISION AGMulti-camera autonomous robotic set for the ultimate and cost- effective live video€ 1.000.00019 October 2021
SlovakiaSensoneo, j.s.a.A smart enterprise-grade waste management solution for cities and businesses to cost-efficiently manage the waste lifecycle and improve the environment and well-being of people€ 3.000.00022 October 2021
NetherlandsPlasmacurePlasmacure has developed a safe way to apply cold plasma directly in a wound. Meet the ground-breaking PLASOMA. This cold plasma solution brings bactericidal cold plasma directly in the wound.€ 2.000.00026 October 2021
SwedenTADA Medical ABPrevention of injuries to patients and nurses due to intravenous line dislodgement€ 700.0004 November 2021
SpainGEOGRAFIA APLICADA SLDemocratizing access to Spatial Data Science with the next generation of spatial data platform€ 862,00011 November 2021
GermanyElectrochaeaRenewable methane to replace fossil fuels€ 14.900.0007 January 2022
SwedenMODVION ABReducing wind energy costs with a stronger, taller wind turbine towers made from wood modules€ 1.500.00028 January 2022
GermanyDyeMansion GmbHA stable, reproducible and environmentally friendly physio-chemical process, the so-called VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS), resulting in smooth, water-repellent and glossy surfaces.€ 4.000.0003 February 2022
AustriaAVILOOA testing system that provides an exact report on the actual state-of-health of any battery in any electric vehicle during a simple test drive. 3.June.2022