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EIC Fund Equity Investments beneficiaries

companies selected for blended finance
approved investments
€ 500+ million

Companies selected for EIC blended finance

The EIC Fund was launched under the pilot phase of the EIC to invest in the 159 companies selected under the EIC pilot Accelerator. 

The equity investments, ranging from €0.5 to €15 million per company, complement the grant financing of up to €2.5 million, which has already been provided through the EIC Accelerator.

EIC Fund - Companies selected for blended finance
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EIC Fund Equity Investments - signed deals

The list of companies below shows only 21 signed deals as the European Commission does not publish the investments until the company and other investors have given consent.

All investments are preceded by a thorough evaluation by external experts, a due diligence process overseen by the EIC Fund Investment Committee, and a final decision by the EIC Fund Board of Directors.


CountryCompanyProposal acronymShort descriptionInvestment amountInvestment agreement signed on
FranceCorWave SACalyspoCorWave will transform a very promising preclinical prototype into an industrial CE-marked medical device that patients, clinicians and payers are waiting for. € 15.000.00017 December 2020
FinlandFARON PHARMACEUTICALS OYMAGIFFaron leading the way in macrophage guided immunotherapy€ 10.000.00015 February 2021
DenmarkNIL TECHNOLOGY APSSUPERvisionaryNew Diffractive Optical Element Lenses and related industrial services€ 10.000.00010 February 2021
FranceKAROSUNITERevolutionising suburban areas commuting services and offer a disruptive transportation service to commuters.€ 2.500.0001 March 2021
NetherlandsMagnitude Space B.V.HiberbandThe low-power global area network enabling affordable and ubiquitous connectivity for the Internet of Things€ 10.000.00025 March 2021
BelgiumTESSARES SAMPAMobile Application for Hybrid Internet€ 1.400.0001 March 2021
SwedenGleechi ABVirtualGraspVirtual Reality Training€  2.400.00019 March 2021
FranceNestwaveNestwaveThe next generation of hybrid location technology and solutions for IoT€ 1.200.00029 March 2021
IcelandEpiEndoBRONCHOTHELINThe first-in-class disease-modifying drug for chronic airway disorders€ 2.700.00031 March 2021
FranceAntofénolANTOFERINEA natural solution for post-harvest protection of fruit and vegetables€ 2.500.0004 May 2021
EstoniaLixeaBioflexSecond life of wood: BioFlex technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials€ 2.000.0006 May 2021
FranceDemetaiCareDisruptive high-performance polymers€ 1.000.00021 April 2021
GermanySmart4Diagnostics GmbHS4DXThe world’s first “digital data-fingerprint” for human blood samples€ 5.050.00010 May 2021
PortugalOphiomicsHepatopredicsHepatoPredict, A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature€ 1.000.00026 May 2021
GermanyKeyouH2EngineEnvironmentally friendly combustion engines. € 5.700.004 March 2021
SwedenHandiscoverHandiscoverWorld’s first inclusive booking system that helps people with a disability€ 1.500.00019 May 2021
FranceXenotheraBrightTreatment severe cases of Covid infection€ 10.000.00029 June 2021
GermanyAdvitos GmbHADVOS-COVID-19Unique therapy for patients with multi-organ failure€ 3.700.0002 July 2021
IsraelNanovationSenseGuardA breakthrough respiratory monitoring device incorporating novel nanotechnology-based sensors€ 5.000.0005 July 2021
SwitzerlandPositrigo AGPositrigo AGCheaper and smaller brain scanner: NeuroLF€ 1.500.00015 July 2021
NorwayONiOWISEWireless IoT technology to power multiple commercial solutions€ 1.000.00021 September 2021