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News article3 February 20232 min read

Webinar "Licensing as exit strategy for the EIC beneficiaries"

On 24 January, the EIC Programme Manager for Health and Biotechnology  – Iordanis Arzimanoglou organized the online “Webinar on Licensing as Exit Strategy”

Webinar on Licensing as exit strategy

This was the second event in the EIC Licensing Series with the collaboration of the EIC Programme Managers Francesco Matteucci (Energy Systems and Green Technologies), Isabel Obieta (Responsible Electronics), and Ivan Štefanić (Food-chain technologies, Novel and Sustainable Food). It was the successor of the 1st Licensing event in the area of Health and Biotech, which revealed great interest in this subject by the EIC beneficiaries, also outside the health domain.

In total, seven speakers specialized in licensing in different domains (Health, Biotech, Energy, Agrifood, and Digital) were invited for this year’s event: John Cosmopoulos (Tufts University, USA), Elicia Maine and Sembi Kamaldeep (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Xana Belastegui (Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain), Carles Puente (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain) , and Thomas Bereuter (European Patent Office), and Lilian Volcan (University of Oxford)  participated  in the panel. Mr. Cosmopoulus was also part of the first edition.

This initiative aims at providing EIC beneficiaries with “licensing” expertise and insights, to use it for their own exploitation strategy. The presenters were asked to focus on selected cases and share with the audience their first-hand experiences. More specifically, the participants heard from the experts the importance of developing a licensing strategy, why some companies succeeded and others did not. Some of the key takeaways included the importance of considering all exploitation routes and pivot as required to adjust to market situation and understanding how licensing can support various business models. Also, aiming for win-win collaborations and make use of the many options to tailor license agreements to the business use and the needs of the parties, and, finally, pre- and post-licensing phases are important to overall success in licensing transactions. Finally, the presenters discussed concerns usually raised by either the licensee or licensor.

With over 120 EIC Accelerator, about 100 EIC Pathfinder, and 40 EIC Transition beneficiaries in attendance, the overarching scope was to help EIC beneficiaries (projects and companies) at very early, early, or scaling up stage to understand licensing for its very needs, and business case and model.

For a full overview of the event, please find below the agenda, the recorded session and slides presentations by speakers.



Introduction Slides
Presentation from Xana Belastegui
Presentation from Carles Puente
Presentation from Thomas Bereuter




Publication date
3 February 2023