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European Innovation Council
Project exhibition

The Summit will feature an exhibition made of different projects funded by the European Innovation Council under different programmes and schemes.

Discover the projects that will part of the EIC Summit 2024 project exhibition. We are adding projects on a regular basis when their attendance is confirmed. Don't hesitate to come back to this page later on to discover the full project exhibition.   

Image of a high speed train

The MagRail technology allows significant improvements of the efficiency of existing rail transportation systems

Hiveopolis project 2

The project proposes a revolutionary, futuristic concept to mitigate the global threat to honeybee colonies

RAIKU project 2

RAIKU has developed a proprietary cleantech manufacturing technology for the creation of novel green packaging alternatives to bubble wrap for the packaging industry

E.T.Pack-F project

The E.T.Pack-F project is aimed at the development of a flight-ready (TRL 8) deorbit device based on electrodynamic tether technology

The project aims to contribute to the reduction of satellites’ costs by replacing the wired (coppered) signal harnesses

Towards a new generation of plant-inspired growing artefacts

Seeds of Bravery (UASEEDs) logo

Seeds of Bravery is a €20 million project funded by the European Union under the European Innovation Council (EIC) to support Ukrainian tech startups bringing them closer to the EU

ReLearn project 2

ReLearn is an innovative start-up using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help companies and municipalities increase their recycling rates

A novel hardware & software platform to revolutionise artificial intelligence at the edge

Synthetic DNA as a next-generation digital storage solution

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Women TechEU is an EU scheme funded under the Horizon European Innovation Ecosystems (EIE) Work Programme and supporting early stage, deep tech startups founded and led by women

Dronamics project 2

The project develops cargo drones that can provide fuel-efficient, same-day, cross-border and long-haul cargo delivery solutions


Building on previous work that successfully established the viability of converting atmospheric humidity into electricity, the project now intends to develop this highly innovative concept.

dotlumen project 1

Romanian start-up .lumen has developed a solution that replicates the main features of a guide dog, without the disadvantages that make the guide dog a non-scalable solution.

In addition to the EIC projects, the EIC Summit 2024 exhibitors reserves six booths for EU bodies that will present their support services to the EIC beneficiaries and ecosystem