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European Innovation Council

Iordanis Arzimanoglou




EIC Program Manager for health and biotechnology

Iordanis  Arzimanoglou has a thirty-year postdoctoral international career. Since June 2020, he has been the Programme Manager for Health and Biotechnology at the EIC, where he´s responsible for developing visions for technological and innovation breakthroughs. Iordanis has previously worked as an EIC Coach & Senior advisor to genomic/genetic SMEs. Iordanis was the Chief Executive Officer of the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone managing company, and prior to that, Chief Executive Officer of the Aarhus Botech Cluster Company (BMF) and was Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedicine Aarhus University.

Earlier in his career, he was the Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York and prior to that, he was Chief of Cancer Genetics Research Program at Lennox Hill Hospital, New York. Before joining Lenox Hill, he was a research scientist in the Division of Medical Genetics at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

Iordanis holds a PhD from the University of Athens, Greece in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, a Boston University Graduate Certificate in international business management and performed his postdoctoral work in the Department of Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University, New York.

Start date: June 2020


Outreach activities

  1. 28 March 2023
    Conquering Cancer Event
    • Organised by Business Angels Europe
    • European Commission Horizon Results Platform and Business Angels Europe, together with the European Innovation Council
    • Full programme available here
  2. 27 April 2023
    Roundtable on mRNA:The next health revolution
    • Organised by Science Business
    • View full programme here


  3. 03 February 2023
    EIC Accelerator Challenge Info Day
    • Presentation of EIC Acceleration Challenge on Novel biomarker-based assays to guide personalised cancer treatment 
    • Watch the full webinar here
  4. 24 January 2023
    Webinar "Licensing as exit strategy for the EIC beneficiaries"
    • Organised by EIC Programme Managers Office with the collaboration of John Cosmopoulos (The Office for Technology Transfer & Industry Collaboration, Tufts University)
    • Watch the full webinar here
  5. 10 & 11 January 2023
    EIC Pathfinder Challenge portfolio: “Emerging Technologies Cell & Gene Therapy” strategy meeting
    • 10 January: Subportfolio 1: Advancing cell therapy manufacturing and products to a clinical stage
    • 11 January: Subportfolio 2: Improving the effectiveness and lowering the risks of gene delivery systems (vectors)
    • Organised by the EIC Programme Manager on Health and Biotechnology
  6. 13 - 14 October 2022
    Health Tech Innovation Days (HTIDs) , Paris (FR)
  7. 8 December 2022
    EIC Summit - break out session: EIC Programme Managers - proactive portfolio management
    • Presentation of EMPE Diagnostics project, EIC funded company, that received investment of EUR  3.2 million  from the Gates Foundation-catalyzed by the EIC Programme Manager.
    • Event site


  8. 22 - 27 September 2022
    EIC Challenges Workshop with Member States
    • Organised by the Programme Managers' Office 
    • Individual reports and presentations are available here
  9. 21 September 2022
    InnovEIT – Paris, FR
  10. 30 June 2022
    Workshop on Licensing in biotech: Experiences and lessons learned from selected EU and US cases (online)
  11. 22 - 23 June 2022
    EIT Health - Gold Track, Paris, FR
  12. 13 April 2022
    EurA Workshop: EIC Funding Programs for Life Science Research and Business Development (online)
  13. 12 April 2022
    Publication: European Innovation Council’s strategic actions: A game-changer for cell and gene therapy
    • Article published on Molecular Therapy - the official journal of the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 
    • Read full article here
  14. 21 March 2022
    Workshop at Bio Innovation Conference, Copenhagen, DK
  15. 3 March 2022
    Health Industry conference – French Presidency, Paris, FR